THCC103: Day 6

It was wrap up day on Creative Chemistry 103 some time over the weekend, and I finally got to watch the final video from Tim Holtz. The challenge was to use some of the techniques we’d covered during the week on a different surface. I had bought some of the District Market French Burlap Panels in a sale some time ago, and decided these would be perfect to decorate up for the occasion.

Burlap Panels

So this is what happens after applying texture paste, embossing powder, Distress Crayons, Distress Stains, clear matte texture paste, stencils, water, baby wipes, gesso, matte multi medium, Distress Reinkers, Distress Glaze and a whole lot of patience and drying time! I love the texture play between the burlap and the scroll work, opacity versus transparency and still amazed at the versatility of the Distress Crayons.

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Distress Products Storage

IMG_6244_wWith all the new colours coming monthly from Tim Holtz/Ranger Industries, my existing system of Distress products storage (5 litre Really Useful Boxes for the stains/paints, 9 litre for the sprays) was no longer large enough. After a little research, I’ve moved them into a 33 litre Really Useful Box – and even that isn’t big enough… I think I’ll need a second. I’ve arranged them as shown so that I have a ready reckoner when taking my kit to classes where occasionally one or two bottles accidentally end up packed away elsewhere – this way I can quickly do a stock check and pin down what’s missing. The browns and speciality colours are currently in a 9 litre box until I can get hold of another 33 litre one, which I’ll also add the ink pads to fill up the free space. Now all I need to do is find somewhere to keep this box…

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Which watercolour effect?

I’ve been playing with various watercolour effects, out of curiosity more than any thing! Thought I’d share the results, just in case someone else might be interested… All of them feature a Stampendous stamp (Cling Poppy Scene #CRM234).

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