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IMG_6244_wWith all the new colours coming monthly from Tim Holtz/Ranger Industries, my existing system of Distress products storage (5 litre Really Useful Boxes for the stains/paints, 9 litre for the sprays) was no longer large enough. After a little research, I’ve moved them into a 33 litre Really Useful Box – and even that isn’t big enough… I think I’ll need a second. I’ve arranged them as shown so that I have a ready reckoner when taking my kit to classes where occasionally one or two bottles accidentally end up packed away elsewhere – this way I can quickly do a stock check and pin down what’s missing. The browns and speciality colours are currently in a 9 litre box until I can get hold of another 33 litre one, which I’ll also add the ink pads to fill up the free space. Now all I need to do is find somewhere to keep this box…

To make my grid:
Using 5mm foamcore board, vertical strips are cut to 14¾” by 2″, with 5mm slots cut at 12cm from each end, half way up. The horizontal strips are 2″ high, with opposite slots cut with a 3.5cm gap. Sorry about the mixed measures, but that’s what happened to be the closest mark for each on the ruler!

4 thoughts on “Distress Products Storage

  1. This is great! How do you suggest we store the big ink pads? I have the tins for the small ones and currently have the big ones stored in a box with labels/color swatch on the sides.

  2. Storage for ink, paints, pads etc is always a problem. How to store them correctly but still be able to access them easily. An ongoing problem for us crafters.

  3. Very organised, Neil. I am another RUB fan and have lots. I recently put all my DI pads back into one but hate them in there because they are not accessible and you can hardly call them organised… One day I am planning to make a carousel to store them but it’s a major undertaking and I don’t feel up to it at the moment. I had the complete set of 48 and now they’ve introduced a whole lot more. Just how many colours are we going to end up with!!! What I need is some sort of modular tower unit that can be added to when necessary. Time for Shoshi to get her thinking cap on…


  4. The best place to store these would be on the wall behind the door since that is usually dead space. There normally enough space to display these without the door hitting them even if they are laid on their side. I have all my little 4″ tall bottles of paint laid like this and it works great. This is where I bought mine http://bruceswoodworks.com/paintshelf.php

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