Angel Policy

I’ve been asked several times about my ‘angel policy’. I’ve also been a little confused by stamp manufacturers blithely reproducing images that others have produced so there are identical designs across several makers. So I did some reading and came across this site: It seems to be US based (not sure how far UK law differs) but it boils down to one thing – if we, the user, don’t sign a contract at the time of purchase we can do what we like with what we stamp, cut out or otherwise create using purchased designs. And those reproductions of images? If it isn’t novel/original, it isn’t copyrightable.

So I don’t have an angel policy, as it isn’t worth the effort of reading it!

However, if you share (‘pirate’) my original designs and others don’t buy them as a result, I won’t have an income and won’t be able to continue creating art and designs you want to use. I use fair (i.e. as low as I can) pricing to encourage fair use.

So, in summary, I’d be delighted if you use my designs in your work and even more so if you successfully sell that work. I’d be ecstatic if you mention where others can get hold of my designs or where you got the inspiration (I try to do the same!). And I’ll be over the moon with delight if someone else buys from me on the basis of your recommendation.

Thank you for your consideration 🙂


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