Tiling a tangled pattern

Ever had one of those moments where you’re half way through a project and wondering why on earth you started at the scale/level of detail/size of page that you did? This one is a case in point. I have wanted to have a personalised pattern on the background of my blog page for some time now, and decided to draw one in pen and ink. I wanted it to tile perfectly so that it would scroll with the page, and I did it the old fashioned way


Take a sheet of paper, and start your pattern, drawing to the edge of the sheet, but not over it. Then slice it into quarters. Eeek.

IMG_6217_wRotate each quarter so that the inside corner now points to the outside, and stick back together on the underside. I used 160gsm card to help with the lining up, but as you can see, my cutting wasn’t all that accurate… it still worked out though.


Fill in the rest of the page, again not allowing any new drawing to go over the edges. This piece is 21cm square in real life, and drawn with a Lamy Safari fountain pen with extra fine nib using Noodler’s Bulletproof Black Ink. It took around 6 hours to do.

I then scanned in the image at high resolution, tidied up the image in Photoshop a little (mainly removing evidence of the cut edges) and it was all done. The final ’tile’ looks like this:

PaisleyAnd just to prove it tiles nicely, here’s a sample roughly 5 wide and 2 tall…

PaisleyHeaderAnd for my next trick, I’ll be adding some colour digitally ūüôā
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Autumn Lily Layer Cake Quilt

IMG_5766_wI finished a mammoth quilt last week, the first I have designed using a¬†Layer Cake – Blackbird Designs ‘Autumn Lily’ by Moda. For the uninitiated, layer cakes are usually forty two 10×10″ pre-cut squares of fabric from a coordinating collection. I augmented this with a lot of calico to make a¬†relatively¬†inexpensive throw for the bed – it reaches over the sides, but only goes 2/3rds of the way up the bed by design (and by the fact that I would have needed more patterned fabric!). Each block in the above photo is just under 10″ square for a sense of scale, and the finished quilt size is 110″x67″ (roughly 3m by 1.5m). Each square has been quilted, and the repeating motif is my own continuous line quilting design.

I spent yesterday afternoon having my first play with Electric Quilt 7 – a quilting software package that I purchased last week to aid in production of quilt patterns, as well as designing my own quilts. As all the reviews I looked at have said, there’s a steep learning curve, but the help screens and tutorial videos do help you get to grips with what is actually an unintuitive interface (at least at first). It does have the benefit of being able to import photos of the fabric swatches, and Moda are kind enough to provide these as a download via their website.

All of which leads me to mention I spent this morning writing a pattern for the quilt, for those that are interested in downloading it!

[Please note: for those resident in EU countries other than UK, please request the pattern by email so I can manually forward you a copy as an attachment. This is to comply with the recent changes regarding VAT.]

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70’s Cup A: a tangle pattern

70s-Cup-AIt’s been a long while since I’ve found inspiration for some more tangle patterns… but this week, while doing a house clearance, I came across a small earthenware cup with geometric patterns reminiscent of those from the 1970’s. This is the first of two tangle patterns based on the cup.


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