Art Journal Page: Word Of The Day


I have a new journal, a Toned Gray Strathmore art journal (5Ā½ x 8″). I chose the grey background as I have previously enjoyed the mid-tone which allows both black and white work top. I wanted to explore the journaling side of the art journal and came up with a ‘word of the day’ theme – choosing a word that described either what I had done, or how I felt. The doodling on the facing page started to reflect the words and was completed a little at a time each day. Continue reading

Tiling a tangled pattern

Ever had one of those moments where you’re half way through a project and wondering why on earth you started at the scale/level of detail/size of page that you did? This one is a case in point. I have wanted to have a personalised pattern on the background of my blog page for some time now, and decided to draw one in pen and ink. I wanted it to tile perfectly so that it would scroll with the page, and I did it the old fashioned way


Take a sheet of paper, and start your pattern, drawing to the edge of the sheet, but not over it. Then slice it into quarters. Eeek.

IMG_6217_wRotate each quarter so that the inside corner now points to the outside, and stick back together on the underside. I used 160gsm card to help with the lining up, but as you can see, my cutting wasn’t all that accurate… it still worked out though.


Fill in the rest of the page, again not allowing any new drawing to go over the edges. This piece is 21cm square in real life, and drawn with a Lamy Safari fountain pen with extra fine nib using Noodler’s Bulletproof Black Ink. It took around 6 hours to do.

I then scanned in the image at high resolution, tidied up the image in Photoshop a little (mainly removing evidence of the cut edges) and it was all done. The final ’tile’ looks like this:

PaisleyAnd just to prove it tiles nicely, here’s a sample roughly 5 wide and 2 tall…

PaisleyHeaderAnd for my next trick, I’ll be adding some colour digitally šŸ™‚
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Arts in Workship: more sermon sketchnotes

Here are some more sketchnotes that I have done during sermons at Whetstone Baptist Church. It’s a great way to take notice of what’s being said, as well as potentially emphasising different points that develop as the visual language of the sketchnote does its own thing. Working in real time is an interesting challenge, and with nothing more than the title at the start, the rest of the page is unplanned. And if you’ve noted the themes are all similar, that’s because these services were in the lead up to a fundraising weekend when we were all challenged to give sacrificially toward the construction of a new church building designed to meet the needs of a growing congregation and a changing community. We are now so close to our goal of just over Ā£3 million – it’s so exciting. If you’d like to help out, a donation button can be found along with details of our building plans on the church website here.

150419pm_w 150427am_w 150517am_w

[completed in Moleskine pocket sketchbook with Lamy Safari fine nib pen with Noodler’s Bulletproof black ink] Continue reading