Quilt No. 4 – ‘Puzzle’

The weather has been lousy here all weekend, and rather than making cards – which was my plan – I ended up quilting. There was something about being under the quilt as I was sewing it and binding the edges that suited the conditions! I started it at the beginning of February at a quilting workshop I was given for my birthday at Quorn Country Crafts, during which I finished the top. I layered it and started quilting on Friday afternoon, did the quilted border and corners and binding yesterday, and I finished it with a hand stitched label this morning. Most of the quilt is quilted with stitch-in-ditch, with the wide border needing a little more, so I created my own quilting design. The quilt measures 64x64in with binding, and as you can see was destined to go in our spare room.

A note, 02-MAY-15:
I have been made aware by Debbie Maddy that she owns the copyright to a similar design of quilt. I would like to make it quite clear that I have not used her instructions to make this quilt, nor was aware of them, or her, before or during the class or indeed before writing my own instructions based on the quilt I made during the class. I would also like to assert I have never assumed credit for the design, and have only requested copyright to the instructions I have independently written and illustrated. To aid clarification of these points, I have amended the descriptive text above and below (in italics) to remove any potential implication that this was my own design.

For those that wish to purchase Debbie’s original pattern for her design, it is available from her website: http://www.calicocarriage.com (listed as Labyrinth, as both hard copy or downloadable format). From the descriptive text I am also led to believe her pattern also includes different sizes of her design, which mine does not.

I continue, at present, to offer my instructions as a downloadable file as these were independently written based on my own working of the quilt and in the absence of knowledge of the design source, and I have amended the file to acknowledge Debbie and promote her pattern.

Update 24-FEB-15:
Thank you to my testers, Julie and Anita, and to Tricia: the description of how I made the quilt is now available!

The instructions are an instant download PDF file, purchasable via PayPal by clicking the button below (you will have the option to pay in your local currency). The link will be sent to the email address that is linked to the PayPal account you use to pay – it will expire 48 hours later, so be sure to download your pattern as soon as you receive it.

By clicking on the ‘Purchase’ button, you acknowledge that you are not entitled to cancel the order or receive a refund (Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 – digital downloads).

Please note: downloads direct to iOS devices (iPad/iPhone) will not work. To see the file on these devices, you will need to download on your desktop and then transfer the file to the device using iTunes.

[NB: If you reside in an EU country other than the UK, please do not purchase via this page. Instead, please email me with your request and I will process your order manually. This is due to the new EU rules on handling VAT. Thank you.] [For clarification – if you are in the USA or Canada, go ahead and click the button!]

80 thoughts on “Quilt No. 4 – ‘Puzzle’

  1. Just visited to comment on your LIM card and saw you are a quilter too, like me! Congrats on your finish – there’s no feeling quite like it 🙂

    • The colours are my own choices, as are the border widths. The centre panel is made up of squares and triangles. I don’t have a pattern that I can share for it as it was a taught course.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

        • I just created a patern for this quilt because I love it so much. I’m not
          Sure how to share it here though…

    • I have seen a pattern closely resembling this called “Turner’s Wedding Star”, seen it in an old quilting magazine years ago and never forgot it.

  2. Looks like the Labyrinth pattern that I purchased at Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH – http://www.keepsakequilting.com. Not sure if it still on their website but it is a huge store and so much fun to just browse through all the choices of anything you might need!

    • You are soooo right, I found a very similar pattern on the keepsake webpage you referenced. I just ordered it. There is also a keepsake pinterest board.

      Thanks…from a beginning quilter.

  3. saw this on pinterest and followed to here. The colors caught my eye then the pattern. I am just getting started and LOVE this look!! well done

  4. Love the colors and the quilt. I saw this via pinterest. Love your blog too!

  5. this is a stunning quilt! I found it on Pinterest. i love its simple elegance and the colors you chose. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love this quilt. Yes I first saw it on Pinterest and would love to make one like it. I’m a beginner quilter so hopefully this will be in my quilting future.

  7. Hi. I’m from Australia and saw your quilt on Pinterest. I repinned it because I have the pattern. It is from Keepsake Quilting and its one I have on my “to do ” list. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt.

  8. Hi – I also saw this on Pinterest and repinned it. Like some of the other commenters, I really love the elegance and color interaction in this quilt. It’s stunning!

  9. Saw this on pinterest and I also have the pattern from Keepsake Quilting. I love the colors that you used.

  10. Saw this on pinterest when searching for Barn Quilts. I love the pattern but did not see any real barn quilts using it. I paint but don’t sew really like this pattern!

  11. Your color choice was what got my attention. I bought a similar (maybe the same) pattern from Keepsake quilting, got my brown and aqua color fabric bought, still deciding on a beige or white contrast color and I will be ready to go.

  12. This is really neat. Still circulating on Pinterest. How big are the finished squares?

  13. Hello! I also pinned/found your quilt via pintrest. There were several reasons this caught my eye: it’s a traditional 8-point star (and I love traditional blocks), the twisting boarder around it in complimentary colors really makes the pattern pop, and the colors you chose are lovely! Thank you for sharing your quilt 🙂

  14. I was searching for barn quilts — to get ideas for an indoor barn quilt. I found this link on Pinterest — the colors caught my eye, and the ‘cleanness’ of the lines drew me in. It’s beautiful!

  15. This is simply beautiful. I think the attraction is the clean lines with the bold contrast of colors. Great choice of fabric/design. Its a perfect combo!

  16. I love this and it is so much nicer than the pattern I saw because of your lovely choice of colours, really stunning. If my son sees this he will want one!

  17. It’s so simple, but the colors just work so well together. So symmetrical. Just love it. My daughter saw it and pinned it, then forwarded it to me. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love this, this is exactly what I was looking to make for my son’s bed. If I may ask what size squares/triangles did you use?

  19. I love the colors and how clean this looks. Where did you get the pattern? I admit I did not search your site for the pattern. If it is there, please let me know. Found this on Pinterest as you probably expect now. Thanks.

  20. I just saw it on pinterest an the colors an clean lines grab me great job…I am going to try to duplicte it one day!

  21. I would like to know where I can buy or download the pattern for the #4 quilt “puzzle”. Can you please send me some information on it please? The colors on the quilt at brown, white, and a teal color. Thanks

  22. What grabbed my attention was the design and the colors. I am looking at making a quilt and this one stood out to me along with a rag quilt.

  23. I’d love to do a king size version of this. Does anyone know where I can find the pattern.

  24. Yup, I came here from Pinterest. I want to quilt but I’m not big on anything that is too “country”. This pattern, especially with the twisty border is very modern. I’m going to be re-pinning it for inspiration!

    • I feel the same way you do. While on Pinterest do a search for modern quilts. There are tons out there. Happy quilting!!

  25. I have been quilting for four years. I am so addicted I quit my HR Manager job for the Department of Defense and quilt full time. When my husband retires from the military I am going to open my own sewing/quilting school back home in KY. I prefer modern patterns. This pattern is one of the best I have seen. Of course it helps that the colors are one of my favorite combinations. It is a bold while at the same time sophisticated and simple ( the opposite of busy). I was wondering where I could get the pattern?

    Rena Bartlett

  26. Yep, found it on Pinterest. Not only am I a Pinterest addict, but a quilt addict as well! I love the colors and quilt patterns that look “woven”, so both of those caught my attention. Plus the simplicity of the pattern. Beautiful quilt!!

  27. I also saw it on Pinterest. First the colours got to me, beautiful combination. Then, as a non quilter, trying to work out how to do the intersecting squares. I’m going to have to give it a try.

  28. Gorgeous! I love to quilt but huge intricate patterns put me off. I love the simplistic look of this. How awesome! If you own the pattern, you should sell it. I’m sure lots of people will buy it. 🙂

  29. I have just stumbled across this stunning piece. It is amazing! I can’t quilt for toffee, but it has given me the inspiration I needed to make a crochet blanket for our bed. Thank You

  30. I was on Pinterest trying to pick out a quilt pattern for my nephew’s quilt. The colors & the design drew my eye. He said that it was “awesome!”

  31. Hi Neil,

    This quilt caught my eye on Pinterest. What I liked first was the intertwining squares. I think it’s called a labyrinth. I did this on a much smaller scale as a 6″ border around a queen size quilt for my dad last summer. The 3D look really catches the eye.

    Your color selection was the second thing that attracted me. Nicely done!

  32. I love this quilt and would love to have the pattern if someone is willing to share it with me !! 🙂

  33. I love it!!!! The colors the look just everything about it. You did a great job.

  34. Can’t wait to get started on this.
    Love your colors.
    Really need your pattern sooo looking forward to it.

  35. ciao, I live in Italy and love your Quilt No. 4 – ‘Puzzle’
    Posted on 29th April 2012 , how can I do to buy the pattern?? ciao ,

  36. Beautiful quilt! You did a great job! Never mind that Debbie one that thinks she owns the pattern. She is just being petty. Keep up the good work. Have fun with your quilting and enjoy the process.

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