Over to you… what should be my next giveaway?

Hello, dear readers,

I’ve noticed my views ticking up, and realised that it’s time to start preparing something formy 50,000th view giveaway… and I got to thinking – what would you like to win?

Since I don’t have a corporate sponsor (yet), and am a student, budget is a consideration, but I’d love to hear your wish lists!

Suggestions on a comment form please šŸ™‚

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Glass Painting on Mirror

This is my first attempt at applying lead strip to glass and then painting to give the stained glass effect. The design was freestyle trial and error. The mirror is 20x20cm (8x8in) square. Of course, photographing a mirror without appearing in it turns out to be quite tricky – I think I will have another go in better light. In the meantime, I’m sure you get the idea! I’d love to have some feedback on this – what do you think? And if you’d be so kind as to complete the poll too (no obligation to purchase btw)? Continue reading