Over to you… what should be my next giveaway?

Hello, dear readers,

I’ve noticed my views ticking up, and realised that it’s time to start preparing something formy 50,000th view giveaway… and I got to thinking – what would you like to win?

Since I don’t have a corporate sponsor (yet), and am a student, budget is a consideration, but I’d love to hear your wish lists!

Suggestions on a comment form please 🙂

5 thoughts on “Over to you… what should be my next giveaway?

  1. I am still broken hearted about not winning the 1st 2 contests. A tiny book with your new patterns would be great! Thanks for your generosity.

  2. Like Judy, I would have loved a piece of your work and I agree that a mini journal of your patterns would be abSOULutly fantastic.

  3. I was so disappointed at not winning the last time, I dare not wish too much again. Since all your work is so wonderful, I would just want something like last time — something that is a how-to reference to your work and is compact, and I know it will be beautiful. Thanks for your lovely appreciation of your followers.

  4. Anything by you would be great. I love your creations . I’m thinking three signed/dated 5 x 7 pieces of work that we could mat and frame. This would keep the cost of shipping down and all that. I’ve got just the spot for it 🙂

  5. Your artwork would be the best prize. Maybe celebrate for a whole week – giving one prize per day.

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