Commission: Castle Series, no. 4 – Dolwyddelan

When I used to holiday near Porthmadog, I joined Cadw – the Welsh Heritage organisation. I then proceeded to overdose on visiting castles – I think the record was 9 in three days. I don’t really know where the fascination started, but it was certainly early in childhood. The bigger, the better in my book… But, as a subject for a painting, Dolwyddelan Castle is pretty much up there, despite being the smallest castle in the series.

Previous paintings in the series: Caernarfon CastleRaglan CastleCriccieth Castle 
Dolwyddelan Castle painting

I’ve used for this painting

  • Generic stretched canvas, 60x60cm
  • Liquitex Professional Spray Paint: Parchment / Brilliant Purple / Dioxazine Purple
  • Black and White Gesso
  • DecoArt Media Ultra Matte Varnish

The trickiest bit of this painting was to give form and shape to the rocky hill the castle is on. I didn’t want to add a lighter shade of grey/black, so have relied on shading with black, using a natural sponge. The rest is up to the viewer, but I think it turned out ok.

It’s just occurred to me that all these castles must be lit by an extremely bright full moon, if indeed they are captured at twilight… otherwise there just wouldn’t be the sharp shadows. This is perhaps another example of when reality becomes slightly suspended to create art. And, yes, I’m the first to pick holes in movie special effects.