Not all wax crayons are created equal


It’s amazing how much one can achieve when the computer isn’t accessible. Until after lunch yesterday, I was upgrading the operating system which meant Facebook wasn’t a constant presence, my current shopping list wasn’t visible, and the radio was off.

Instead, I painted six blackboards, tidied the studio after creating a bomb site making samples for Craftwork Cards, prepared for last night’s art journaling session, dealt with a duplicate order delivery, crocheted a sampler panel for a scarf, and had a go at some crayon art (pictured above). Now then – all the pictures of similar projects on the internet show nice long dribbles of shiny molten wax. My pound-shop crayons boiled and became an immobile gloopy mess more reminiscent of glutinous bread dough than freely flowing molten wax. The resultant solidified mass is actually quite brittle, and as it is on stretched canvas, is easy to crack. Polishing makes no difference. Which leads me to wonder – are they made of some strange plastic?

And it leaves another conundrum – do I leave the space empty at the bottom, or find suitable text or carefully place some oil paint as faux wax stalagmites underneath the drips?

9 thoughts on “Not all wax crayons are created equal

  1. Very interesting experiment, Neil. I suppose it goes to prove the addage that you get what you pay for!! As for the computer being unavailable, it’s amazing how productive one can be one its lure is removed. It sounds as if you’ve had a very productive time! Your talents are so wide-ranging and there will always be something constructive and creative to do. I look forward to seeing some photos.


  2. I would go for an inspirational text below the crayons kind of like life is a rainbow. I don’t think I’ll try this though. looks too complicated to me.

  3. So many wonderful projects! I applaud your ability to channel your creative energy in so many directions. As to the crayon dilemma…hmmmm..beeswax? If you want to continue the lines from the melted crayons that might work..just might. I’ve also had some problems with crayons. Plus they don’t always like to play with other substances as a mixer. Best of luck and best wishes!

  4. How did you heat them? Hair dryer or hot gun? Can you re-heat them? I have always wanted to try this but will now wait to see your results.

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