Crafted from Caravans: The Christmas Collection

IMG_6545_wThe floor, tables and just about every other surface in the studio is currently covered with a fine layer of shredded wool polishing wheels and jeweller’s rouge… I’m also going to have to do a thorough wipe down of all the aluminium filings that didn’t hit the bin beneath…

I’ve been working in a production line over the last two days, making these hanging tree decorations. You may remember my ‘sit and be wind chime’ was made from the sidings of my grandfather’s old caravan – these are too. All are hand cut from the sheet aluminium, cleaned up with wire brush and wet’n’dry sandpaper, hand drilled and hand sawn, hammered, punched, filed and polished. Ok, I did use a Dremel for the polishing.

If you’d like a set, let me know – I will make them to order for £10 each including p&p to UK addresses (international orders extra), so if you’d like them in time for Christmas please order by the end of October.

One thought on “Crafted from Caravans: The Christmas Collection

  1. These are amazing, Neil. So much hard work gone into each one, and the finish is brilliant. So nice to think they came from your grandfather’s old caravan, too! I love the idea of all that recycling, and I am sure he would be pleased! I had a look at your wind chime which is beautiful too.

    I have been doing some drawing from my new Florabunda book and really enjoying it. Looking forward to doing more as time and energy allow, and I’ll be blogging about it soon. I am so glad I won the book – it’s a treasure!


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