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My Mum turned up yesterday bearing gifts, and a lot of stuff she’s clearing out from the loft. One box contained collected items that are somewhat mice-nibbled, but are an archive of my childhood craft activities and school books. The above painting of ‘a train’ is perhaps one of my first forays into painting, aged 3Ā½.


Collage CardThis is a Mother’s Day card – complete with insert reading ‘to mummy with love from Neil’. Not a bad first collage at the age of 5, March 1976.


SnowmanPerfectly apt for this time of year, this snowman was a wax on sugar paper masterpiece when I was living near Dubai in 1978, aged 7. About as far from snow as I could get at that point!


Guinea PigsWe’ve no idea whose guinea pigs these were as I think we were still living in Dubai at the time – I was 8. Notice the rosettes in the hair – I last had guinea pigs five years ago, and think I’d probably draw them similarly now šŸ˜‰


Coconut IslandThis treasure island is undated, but probably from around the same time. It’s that time in drawing development when ‘sky’ meets ‘ground’ – although I wonder if it’s sea at the top with the sails of the ship appearing above the hill. May be a first foray into distance and perspective?

2 thoughts on “More from my archive…

  1. Aww Neil! What a lovely thing to have to look back on…. I love them all and yes, I think I would still draw a guinea pig that way too! lol x

  2. I love your early works, Neil! It’s quite obvious that that young artist would go far! Early promise was not disappointing. I’ve got some of my own tucked away somewhere… It would be an interesting blog challenge to get everyone to share their beginnings in art!


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