Print – Term 3 – Drypoint

Our theme across all our activities this term at college is ‘influenced by an artist’. I’ve chosen the Polish surrealist Jacek Yerka to base my work on, and for print I was asked to do a drypoint. I discovered this is an etching process where the ink is trapped in the grooves and burrs made by scratching onto metal or acrylic and then transferred onto the substrate using pressure. I scratched my drawing onto a sheet of clear acrylic sheet (approx. A5 size), applied etching ink (which is very viscous), removed most of it, and then printed onto previously wetted watercolour paper using an etching press. Any ink left on the acrylic gets transferred to the paper, so removing it from where you don’t want it is quite laborious! I was sooooo excited as the first print was revealed, and that didn’t really diminish as I did a limited print run. I’m going to have a go replicating it at home using one of the many die cutting machines in place of the etching press, and more common crafting inks. Here is the basic print, and I’ll be colour washing some in due course:

6 thoughts on “Print – Term 3 – Drypoint

  1. What a fantastic technique! The print looks fantastic!

  2. neil – i started to comment on this piece of artwork earlier, but figured i’d left enough comments on the patterns – hahaha! i do love this drawing! i think the part that really caught my eye initially was the pipes coming up from the bottom. they remind me of all the steampunk stuff i’ve been looking at lately – and i like the window with the castle – i could daydream for quite awhile in this setting ­čÖé

  3. Love this , forgot to mention this on your giveaway post ­čÖé I love surrealism and trees so I find this truly amazing !

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