College Week 6 – a complete basket case

I’ve just finished work on my jewellery project! And I have a very big blister on my thumb to prove how much work I did on it too… The brief was to make a wire basket using natural form as our reference. The wire had to be designed around a repeating motif and for bonus marks we could attach pierced and hammered metal pieces. And here it is:

I think it has taken around 20 hours to make, with the binding of the inch and a bit square motifs taking about half of that. Each of the five metal sections took around 40 minutes to pierce using a jeweller’s saw, and the blister resulted from hand sanding them this morning. And it all started from my drawing of a hollyhock seed head in Week 1.

7 thoughts on “College Week 6 – a complete basket case

  1. I love it. Such a beautiful piece of work and so well done. How did you get all those black coils so perfect? You have a great imagination. Thanks for sharing.

    • Those black coils were made from binding wire painstakingly looped through and round five times and pulled tight before the ends were clipped. Thank goodness for trash TV that I didn’t need to watch to keep up with the plot! I reckon there are 250 bindings, and I only stabbed my thumb with the wire a dozen or so times 😉

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