3D Printing: A Rather Sad Cuboidroid

Sad Cuboidroid

I’ve had a little bit more ‘me time’ in the studio and decided out of the blue to create something from scratch using my 3D printer. The second time I created this little chap was a lot quicker than the first. I had learnt how to do it in the preceding four hours and then neglected to save the file before it crashed… I’m in the process of kitting out another two of these mini sculptures and will be making a series, I think. I’m dubbing them ‘cuboidroids’ – cuboid droids. Two reasons: I had to call them something and ‘blockheads’ was already taken; a quick Google search showed no one had concatenated the two words together, ever. If only I had the cash to trademark the name.

This down-in-the-dumps rust bucket stands 9cm/3½” high and is for sale if anyone wants to make me an offer. Or commission a custom cuboidroid…

for the technique-curious:

  • Modelled from scratch in Autodesk Fusion 360
  • 3D print on Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus with Anycubic ABS black filament
  • Primed and filled with Hycote Grey Primer
  • Face modelled with Aves Apoxie Sculpt
  • To decorate:
    • DecoArt Media Texture Sand Paste
    • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics – Raw Umber, Paynes Grey, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Violet
    • DecoArt Media Crackle Paint
    • DecoArt Media Ultra Matte Varnish