Tutorial: That’s Crafty! Art Shrine

I don’t know how much of this art shrine sample was shown on TV last week… I certainly didn’t have enough time to demonstrate how I put it together, so here comes a tutorial to follow if you want to make your own šŸ™‚

Art shrine

You will need:



Start by cutting out the hinges from thin card and painting one side of all four with two coats of metallic antique gold multi surface paint, drying after each coat.

Cut the bamboo skewer to the size of the hinge. You will need two. Press into the centre of each hinge and start to bend the hinge round the skewer.

Glue the wrong sides of side rectangles of each hinge together where they meet. Take care not to get glue onto the skewer or onto the tabs.

Once the glue is dry, tighten the hinge section round the skewer and bend slightly upward, as shown in the pic. Repeat for all the hinge parts.


Follow the instructions in the pack to assemble the shrine shadow box. Note the position of the notches. I find it helpful to glue one side, the base, the other side and then the top.

Paint the inside with two coats of metallic antique gold metallic paint, and the edge of the top and bottom panels.

While that’s drying, glue one of the circle/wing combos to the front of an arch frame.

Paint the whole frame front with a single coat of chestnut brown multi surface paint and allow to dry.

Paint a second coat of chestnut brown, this time adding tiny amounts of black and brush in to create a woodgrain effect. Work wet-into-wet and quite quickly so that the paint doesn’t dry. Keep your brushstrokes in the same direction to maintain the woodgrain effect.

Once the woodgrain layer is dry, add two layers of gloss varnish, drying after each coat.


Paint the heart with two coats of Christmas Red multi surface paint, drying after each coat.

Add a generous layer of crackle glaze and wait a couple of minutes for it to self-level.

Whilst the crackle glaze is still wet, spritz lightly with Pale Gold Sparklers Spray. It will be hard to see how much is on there until it’s dry. Allow the crackle glaze to dry naturally – don’t use a heat tool. Gentle heat from underneath (e.g. left on a radiator) can speed the process, but slow air drying is best.

Once glaze is fully dry (and hopefully crackled) rub the black antiquing cream into the nooks and crannies and then dry with a heat tool.

Dab your finger on a baby wipe, then wipe your finger over the antiquing layer. Wipe your finger clean and repeat. This takes off the excess cream without swiping the colour out of the cracks. Seal with a coat or two of gloss varnish.

adding the doors

Link the two hinge parts together with a skewer. With the skewer facing down, glue the three tab section to the reverse of the frame, lining up the edges. Repeat on the other side.

Check that the hinges freely swing. From the front, press the skewers to the frame. Measure the distance between the two, take off 2-3mm and cut a piece of cardboard to shape, cutting it down the middle to form the two doors.

Before gluing the doors into place, paint and varnish as above for the frame. Place into position and glue into place along the facing side of the hinges. [You may wish to add the door knobs at this stage.]

Double check the doors swing freely and then paint the reverse of the doors with metallic antique gold paint. Allow to dry.

the doves

Paint a single coat of white multi surface paint over the whole dove and dry. Add a second coat, leaving the single layer on the back wing. Dry. Add a third coat over the body and tail. Dry. This builds up depth and shading without needing any other paint colours.

the framed picture

On a greyboard ATC draw a quarter inch border all the way round, and cut out the centre using a sharp craft knife. Don’t try to cut through all in one go, several shallow cuts work best.

Paint a single coat of metallic antique gold multi surface paint over the whole surface and dry. Using low tack masking tape, mask each corner and with a coarse brush add another layer of the paint (adds grain texture). Brush strokes should be side to side on top and bottom, and up and down on the sides. Dry and repeat on the sides.

The result you’re aiming for is a mitred corner.


Gather together all of the components. Stick the picture in the base of the shadow box, mounting on double thickness of foam pads. Glue the doves and heart on the frame. Glue the frame onto the shadow box section and hold in place until set.

Finally cut two small rectangles of greyboard to act as door stops and glue into place on top and bottom. Line up with the gold edge, not the frame edge. Once glue is dried, paint with metallic antique gold and dry.

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful tut – Neil, amazing how you create the hinges, and mitred corners. The heart looks stunning, too- Greetings ,Dorthe, x

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