Card Candi Flowers (for Craftwork Cards)


It was a special Craftathon Champion Deal for Craftwork Cards yesterday on Create and Craft, and I was asked as part of their design team to come up with new ways of using Candi as the deal included over 5000 pieces of delicious Candi. In a fit of enthusiasm, I also filmed a tutorial video that’s also on their YouTube channel.

Here are the close up of the step-by-step cards that Julie was showing on TV:


The Pinch Petal Rose


The Pinch & Twist Flower


The Propeller Flower


The Roll Up Daisy


The Shuttlecock Flower


The Star of David Flower


2 thoughts on “Card Candi Flowers (for Craftwork Cards)

  1. Absolut amazing work here and such a great way to use up some of all the small scraps we all collect all the time, and when we know, how expensive these things are, it´s great to be able to make our own, and here´s a great tut for that, well done and thanks sooo much for sharing these.

  2. I love these flowers, Neil. It’s amazing how many different ones can be created from one simple shape, isn’t it. The liquid pearls in the centres really set them off, too. A very useful source of embellishments!

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