Rich Plum Elements (for Creative Expressions)

Rich Plum Elements I’m still working with the That Special Touch Art Deco Elements stencil for this week’s project. I’ve used the Cosmic Shimmer Rich Plum Sparkling Texture Paste, with the Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Plum Pearlescent PVA for the Watts-dots and finally mounted it all on Rich Plum card stock. Gorgeous, even though I do say so myself! You will need: That Special Touch Mask: Art Deco Elements Cosmic Shimmer Sparkling Texture Paste: Rich Plum Cosmic Shimmer Coloured Pearlescent PVA: Vintage Plum Cosmic Shimmer Specialist Acrylic Glue Foundations A4 Card: Rich Plum / Coconut White

  1. Cut a circle 14cm diameter from the Coconut White Card
  2. Tape down the corner section of your choice with stencil tape – the corner doesn’t quite meet the centre to allow a gap between each motif
  3. Apply the texture paste through the stencil and level off with an old credit card. Remove the stencil carefully to avoid smudges/smears.
  4. Immediately wipe/wash your stencil and tools. Set aside the card to dry.
  5. Once dry, repeat 2-4 three more times to complete the motif.
  6. Using a circle of 13cm circumference, mark off every 10 degrees with a pencil dot, and then cover the dot with a drop of the Vintage Plum PVA. Set aside to dry.
  7. Mount on a circle of Rich Plum card stock 14.5cm diameter and then onto a C6 size card (landscape format). Cut the corners off the bottom (front only) and from the hinge edge at the top (both layers).
  8. The completed card will fit in a 6×6″ envelope.