CC102: Day 1

Day 1: Distress PaintsThe longer-term followers of this ‘ere blog will probably vaguely remember that I did Tim Holtz’s Creative Chemistry 101 online class last year. He’s only gone and started CC102 today – there’s thirty more techniques he’s sharing – and of course I had to sign up. So here’s Day 1: six things to do with Distress Paints. I’m not allowed to share the techniques, but you won’t need to look far elsewhere on my blog to see where I have used them with conventional acrylics. That is, all but the first – the marbling effect is unique to Distress Paints because of their make up.



8 thoughts on “CC102: Day 1

  1. Sjoe… But you do spark hey! All six techniques finished.. Dun and dusted… Well done… They look super grand! Love them.. Cant wait for tomorow…

  2. Fabulous!! I am so jealous of all you “102 ers”! I have to take 101 first LOL!
    Excellent job! You’re a great student!

  3. I am signed up for classes, but will need to make them up on the weekends! If I don’t keep going to work, I’ll never pay for all my crafts!

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