250,000 views – the giveaway

Completed quiltIt’s not long to wait before my little corner of the blogosphere captures it’s 250,000th view. I gave you a sneak preview of my giveaway a couple of weeks ago… and here’s the whole thing! I’m giving away an A3 quilt featuring 100% cotton fabric onto which I have hand drawn and shaded tangle patterns that I’ve published on this blog, quilted with cotton/polyester wadding and then hand bound with a black fabric binding. It’s labelled on the back with my name and the fact it’s my seventh quilt.

As mentioned before – all you have to do to win this giveaway is to be the person closest to the 250,000th view that leaves a meaningful comment somewhere on this blog (spam doesn’t count!). All you have to do then (Sandy F. take note – that’s twice now) is respond to the email from me asking for your postage details!

Just a little thank you from me for supporting me over the months and years 🙂



71 thoughts on “250,000 views – the giveaway

  1. Whawhawhaaaaaa !!!!! it’s just so beautiful !!!!! I love this ! I’m not sure to understand what to do to participate (I’m french and I just speak english a little !!!) but it’s not important ! Just want to say I love your blog 🙂

  2. I love zentangle! This quilt is beautiful!
    I enjoy all your posts and have learned quite a bit. I wish I lived closer so I could take classes from you.
    Terri Young

  3. Your quilt is amazing!! Congratulations on so many views!! It’s been such fun watching your work from afar. Love your sense of humor too!
    Many thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful piece of art! I am a quilter and tangler and would love to hang this beauty in my home.
    Congrats again from New York!

  4. So very beautiful! Love your patterns – keep up the wonderful work in all your projects and keep posting – they give us such creative ideas

  5. what a beautiful way to display the art of Zentangling. I love the patterns you used. What more canI say..absolutely stunning!

  6. How do you find the time to do all that you do? ?? And you see too! !! This quilt is fabulous, Neil

  7. I really enjoy following your blog and the quilt is wonderful – I really need to try tangling on fabric!

  8. That quilt is absolutely fabulous. The detail and symmetry makes me drool. Love seeing it.

  9. It is so meaningful and pretty. I was first drawn to your blog because of your tangles. Anyone would be proud to receive it.

  10. Forgot to ask – how did you draw the intricate design before beginning the tangles? It looks very complicated, but I would love to give it a try.

    • Yes I did. There are quite a few instructions online for drawing Celtic knots. I kept my template from my previous sampler, so it was quite quick. See Mollybee’s link above to see an even more complex knot!

  11. What a beautiful quilt. I am a quilter and a tangler also but haven’t combined the two as yet. Keep pushing the envelope.

  12. What a fabulous work of art! I am in awe! Keep on tangling, you do the art justice

  13. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I don’t win, that quilt is AMAZING!!! and I just found your blog. I’m your newest follower. So cool!!!

  14. OMG. I loved this the moment I saw it on Pinterest. The fabric collected it fabulous. I have been quilting for 30 years and if this is only your seventh, you are off to a terrific start. I can not wait to see your 20th. Please make an entry for the International quilt show. I plan to see great things in the future from you.

  15. I just came across you on Pinterest. I love this. I’ve dabbled with Zentangle and love the effects.

  16. I’ve never tried Zentangle but am absolutely amazed by what can be produced – it’s intriguing me and I’m sure that sooner or later it’ll get the better of me and I’ll try it myself. Your quilt is beautiful – I came across it on Pinterest.

  17. You are way ahead of me in your skills if this is your 7th quilt… I can’t figure out what/how you’ve done it but think it’s super cool.

  18. I love how you have combined two fabulous art forms and made something spectacular. The quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  19. Thank you for your inspirations! Great job , you are a very talented artist.

  20. Fantastic Zentangle Celtic design. It is calming even though the designs are detailed.

    • No pattern Leslie – it was always designed to be a one-off. I guess if you wish to copy it, print off the photo, enlarge it and trace it. It’s a one piece topper, so purely about the drawing. Let me know if you have a go at it 🙂

      • Thank you for replying. Since I have your permission, I think I will play around with this. Thank you! When (if) I finish this, I will let you know. 🙂

  21. All I ever make are reproduction quilts. I don’t own a modern quilt book and I flip past the pages of modern quilts in all the magazines. Primitive are my thing.

    But I have to tell you, this is about the coolest quilt I’ve ever seen. So much talent, so much imagination.

    I love this quilt!

  22. This is a wonderful quilt. Have never seen anything to mark this workmanship. Simply wonderful.

  23. Hi Neil every time l check out your blog you are doing something different! And now l find that you quilt too?! Im amazed at your diverse talents! Keep it up! Hope l win this lovely zentangle quilt piece! Xxx

  24. I love quilts and I love Zentangles! Your Quilt is beautiful, the attention to detail is amazing! I recently made a lovers knot applique on a wall hanging I made for some dear Friends Birthday.

  25. Scrolling though Piinterest, your quilt caught my eye. So beautiful. I can’t imagine how you did it. And only your 7th? Looks like you have been quilting all your life. Congratulations on a beautiful job well done.

  26. What a great way to display tangles! I made a very small quilt with some of mine transferred to fabric, combined with some black and white printed fabric. I’d love to make one like yours – It’s amazing!

  27. That is just sooo clever. I have been wanting to do a Zentangle quilt for ages and you have inspired me to get going!!!! Brilliant!

  28. Wow, that is a crazy, amazing quilt. I love the zentangle, I didn’t think celtic knots and quilts would work together but this one is wonderful.

  29. This is so wonderful. I’m new to Pintrest and Zen tangles but so excited to explore your site. Who says there is nothing new left to explore. I’ve been quilting for close to 50 years and I’m always amazed over the creative mind. Thank you olive

  30. Absolutely stunning! What a wonderful way to combine two creative outlets.

  31. Love this! I would like to try making one…I have my stack of black, gray and white fabrics ready!

  32. I just found your web cite.The quilt is beautiful. I am a beginner and hope one day… Thank you for sharing and inspiring

  33. Wow. I want to make one close to this, only in green. Have you considered selling the pattern. I love this work and this quilt is beautiful, an inspiration. Thank you for publishing.

  34. I’ve often wondered how to transpose zentangles into a quilt. You’ve done a wonderful job. Congratulations!!

  35. Hi Neil

    Great job! Love black and white quilts and this one with zentangles takes that one step further.
    I had a look at your message about the payment for the Perfectly 4med book. I can’t believe they have brought in a rule to make it more difficult to sell ebooks. This flies in the face of sensibility. With e-readers and increasing costs of postage, ebooks make such sense. This makes it more difficult to sell your books to distant locations and makes it more expensive for us in faraway lands.
    Good luck with you artistic pursuits. Love this one you have shown us.


  36. I love zentangeling and Celtic knots. Where can I find the pattern?

    • Any basic Celtic knot how-to website will get you started. That’s how I did mine, so there’s no ‘pattern’.

      • I stole you idea and now have one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. Ok this is actually the coolest quilt I’ve ever seen! I love quilting and drawing zentangles. You are so talented!

    • I love the design and want to make one for myself that is of similar style. It is beautiful!

    • Is there any chance of getting the pattern? I would love this quilt design.

  38. I’m from Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. I saw this quilt on Pinetrest. I am a fairly new beginner at quilting. But I am very fussy about what quilts I like. I absolutely love this quilt!!! I would love to get the pattern and try and tackle this quilt. I have been saving black and white fat quarters for awhile. Can I purchase this pattern or is it a kit. I would consider the kit if available. Thank you!!

    • There is no pattern or kit – this was a one-off, hand drawn, and quilted piece. It’s not at all bed sized – more a table placemat… And the only fabric was white cotton and black binding – the rest is utterly unique.

  39. Such a very creative idea – my mind is whirling with possibilities. It is beautiful and such a great collaboration with Zentangles and quilting!

  40. Refreshing to come upon this perfectly4med as I love Celtic knots ( did a course in chineese knots , but will have to try one in patch work. Thank you for the inspiration.

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