Powertex Stone Art

140803_wAs I was teaching my Powertex workshop last weekend, I was also able to make a piece as we went – after all, one of the best ways to learn is to see one, do one… So this was the result of my Stone Art playing. It’s yet another piece that hasn’t made it to a stock list as it’s now taking pride of place in the newly decorated hallway. However, if you’d like a copy, please get in contact šŸ™‚


Two new workshops added

I’ve just updated my workshops page with two new sessions:

Make Your Own Embellishments – Saturday 5th October (Ā£25)

A day of demonstrations and practical hands-on experience making your own embellishments for card making or scrapbooking: includes tips and tricks for colouring, moulding, shrink plastic, customised ‘metal’ tags, paper and fabric flowers, colour coordination and embellishing die cut lettering. If you have a layout in mind, bring your photos and make your own bespoke embellishments to match.

Painting with Powertex – Saturday 2nd November (Ā£50)

African SceneIn this session we’ll be using Powertex (a specialist pigmented liquid fabric hardener) as a paint. You’ll explore building up layers and texture on canvas and on a frame, making a complementary air dry clay to create figures or shapes to embellish your piece, and learn techniques to colour your pieces further with powered pigments.

For more details, pictures and to book online, go to my
workshops page. Full terms and conditions are also available using the link at the bottom of the same page.

Now Level 3 Certified Powertex Trainer…

I spent a day with the fabulous Brit once again, learning how to paint with Powertex. Here are the results of a few hours work. Workshops are destined to follow fairly soon as these techniques are fast and great effects easily achieved:

Both techniques concentrate on building layers and texture, with pigment powder highlights. The figures and stones are made from Stone Art/Powertex clay. With practice I think my figures will be a little more uniform – I was going for the slightly more abstract elongated appearance, honest! Sizes – ‘African scene’ – 40x50cm, ‘Stones’ – 40x40cm.


Stone carving… with a scalpel?

As previously mentioned, I’ve just completed my level two training in the use of Powertex and their Stone Art product. I was considering what I’d learnt, and decided to attempt another piece to test a concept I’d had an idea for…

And I think the concept works really well – I just need to tweak the colouring a little, but the carved lettering was really quick once the outlines were traced on to the ‘stone’ and with a sharp scalpel, there was minimum effort and mess. The pencil and brushes were added as an afterthought and were just as easy to ‘carve’ into the stone. I’d love your commissions for carved signs and just about any shape and size is possible! And postage shouldn’t be prohibitive… the sign is stuck on with double sided tape!


Powertex Certification continues…

I spent yesterday getting more training in the use of the versatile fluid hardener, Powertex. This time we concentrated on ‘Stone Art’. Given that there isn’t a single grain of anything even vaguely resembling stone in the project below, it’s a very impressive product!

Powertex Stone Art - first projectThe base is the heaviest part of the project, and also likely to be the only part that isn’t weatherproof. I took the opportunity to get a stack of materials into stock (and find somewhere in the studio to store them!) so I’ll be playing some more as I get some samples ready for workshops later in the year. Thanks to Brit for another cracking training session.