3D Printing: Karaoke Cuboidroid

I made this chap a while back, and he’s been crooning away on the desk ever since waiting for the flashbulbs to go off. His five minutes of fame have arrived, his gigs in the pubs and clubs paid off. May I present my karaoke cuboidroid?

karaoke cuboidroidOnce again, the character is entirely 3D printed. With a 0.2mm layer height, the striations are quite evident, but to print at a better resolution would take far too long. I have attempted acetone smoothing, and slowly getting better at timing the vapour bath to catch the moment between lines and melted gloop. The other alternative is filling and sanding – and I don’t have the inclination to do that either!

The microphone stand is made from a 3D printed base and angle bracket, linked together with cocktail sticks. The microphone is sculpted from an epoxy clay and then painted.

All my cuboidroids are available to purchase.

USED in the making of this piece

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