THCC103: Day 4

I got sidetracked today… instead of getting on with my Creative Chemistry 103 Distress Crayon homework, I decided, like you do, to install a slow sand filter to deal with the Studio’s grey water. Admittedly, occasionally the grey water is more of a pinky purple, but you know what I mean. Up to now, I’ve had a caravan waste water carrier to catch artistic rinsings. Inevitably, I forget to empty it and an interesting smell announces that it is overflowing. I think a video popped up on my Facebook feed which sparked curiosity, then research, and then a quick trip to Wickes. £12 and couple of hours later, I have a passable way of dealing with my rinsings. They are filtered before draining into my irrigation reservoir, ready for watering the garden. A quick inoculation with ‘good’ pond bacteria followed, which should jump start the biofilm that apparently forms on the sand particles and keeps the nasty niffs down. No more hefting 40 litres of stinking sludge up the garden to the drain 🙂

Distress Crayon techniquesEventually I did get back into the Studio, and completed Day 4’s homework. More techniques with Distress Crayons which very artfully demonstrate why they are so, so different to other waxy water soluble crayons. And there’s more kits to come – three is not enough!

3 thoughts on “THCC103: Day 4

  1. hello Neil

    Re: recycling sludge. Have you come across the Peruvian scientist who has successfully cleaned up a particular area of marshland to the extent that birds and fish have recolonised the area.
    I am very interested in finding out more about the Distress crayons. I suppose the best thing to do is buy and try.

    Pat Johnstone

  2. Hello,
    I don’t know anything about Distress crayons, but will continue to follow, to learn more. Thanks xxx. Blessings

  3. I am loving these!! I really must join one of the classes.
    Thank you for sharing what you are learning.

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