TV Debut: BTS [Behind The Scenes]


It’s getting closer! My television debut is on Friday 3rd June, with live shows at 11am, 1pm and 5pm. I’m delighted to be showcasing DecoArt Media fluid acrylics and various mediums. Sneaky peaks will be up on the Hochanda Facebook page sometime in the next couple of days. It’s been a busy weekend for me as the products for the shows only arrived at The Studio on Friday morning, and promo pictures were requested about an hour later (to which I politely replied along the lines of ‘you must be joking’!). Want to know what The Studio looks like at the moment, with several concurrent projects on the go so that one is drying as I am working on the next?


That’s the sample boards done; two 12×12″ panels; ten different 3D papier mâché letters; at least ten different paint and decoupage techniques; at least ten different mediums and a heck of a lot of demo planning, cups of tea and drying time. Oh by the way, the art journal is for the next shows on Thursday 16th June…

I hope you can join me online, on Sky 663, Freeview 39 or FreeSat 817 or even catch-up up to a week after: Friday 3rd June: 11am, 1pm, 5pm.

6 thoughts on “TV Debut: BTS [Behind The Scenes]

  1. I was able to catch one of your shows. Smash up job!!! You rock.

  2. I’m watching your shows online, Neil – I’ve completed the first one and am half way through the second. You come over brilliantly! I love your calm approach and your command of the materials at your fingertips, and the results are stunning! It’s lovely to see you “in the flesh” as it were, at last, and put a face and voice to the online presence I’ve been following! Many congratulations – you’re a natural!

    I’m very much enjoying it.


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