Perfect Paper Pockets [Wanderlust Week 6]


I’m catching up on my Wanderlust course, and in week 6, we were introduced to origami wallets to hold small journal cards/zentangle cards in. To be honest, I didn’t like the style taught as it was open on all sides. So I dug around in Pinterest, and Google and developed this version. On the product list for the lesson was ‘lokta paper’ – which is quite fibrous, hardwearing and handmade in Nepal. So I searched for that too! I eventually found this wonderful vintage style paper that, to me, seems to be a cross between old leather and hand rolled tobacco leaves. The shop that sells it (PaperPod) was one flooded in York this winter, but still managed to get my order out to me in good time – fantastic since the shop is still drying out and all the (dry!) stock must be somewhere else.


I got a bit carried away and worked out all the sizes for my various journaling cards. All I need now is to monogram the fronts, label the bands, and get journaling! Note that the brown colour is a dye and moves about when wetted… I may seal it with a suitable varnish, or just let it do it’s thing as it is handled.

I’ve written some instructions – I hope they make sense as I’ve not had chance to do a video. The fold overs at the top and bottom make for a nice reinforced and right-side fold at the front and back of the inside pockets. And now I re-read the instructions for the nth time, I’ve forgotten a bit at the end. So keep scrolling!

The zig-zag diagrams show the side view, and I’ve highlighted which fold the instructions refer to. Start with right side down.


The little tuck fold in the first step of stage three is optional, but I like it gives a folded edge rather than the raw edge of the paper. To actually complete the wallet, fold it in half and crease well. You can leave the bottom flap uncut, giving one large pocket across, or you can, as I have, cut down the middle and fold back and glue the corners down. Finally, make a band from the same paper – make sure you fill your wallet with your card stock BEFORE you cut the band to fit!

4 thoughts on “Perfect Paper Pockets [Wanderlust Week 6]

  1. What an unusual project, Neil. I love that paper… It is reminiscent of the faux leather I made last year, which would probably do just as well for something like this. It’s very stylish, and I like the templates for the different sized journaling cards.

    You might be interested to know that I have drawn quite a number of designs from the Florabunda book I won on your blog give-away, and scanned and printed them out so I could make multiple copies coloured in different media and colour schemes. I have now made a lot of cards with them and taken them in to the chemo unit at our local hospital for them to sell to raise funds. So you started something!!!


  2. Brilliant idea Neil, thanks for sharing. I too had the same idea about faux leather as I was reading, I need to order a longer week.

    • Lol Jenny – I know what you mean! I’ve had such a busy fortnight and haven’t made it into the studio. Hopefully this week will be different!


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