Art Journal Page: Alphabet Sampler


There seems to be one common theme amongst those attending my art journaling session each month – they don’t like their own handwriting. Or don’t think they can do hand lettering on their pages. Well, they’re in for a shock in September’s session… this is the project! Starting on an acrylic paint background (it wipes clean!) I’ve gridded off the page, free-drawn my letters and then gone mad with the paint and black and white pens. It’s an exercise in drawing and embellishing, and hopefully will give my class a little more confidence to do their own thing on their pages. Or put them off completely. I’ll let you know.

2 thoughts on “Art Journal Page: Alphabet Sampler

  1. Lovely letters, Neil! I am sure you are very good at encouraging your class members and that they will soon be lettering with the best! I love the colours too, and all the different variations in texture.

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