Cathedral: a tangle pattern

CathedralIt’s been six months since I last sat and designed some tangle patterns… but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about them! I went to visit Norwich Cathedral in May, and took plenty of pictures of the interior patterns ready to work them into step-by-step tangle patterns. Here’s the first – lots of teardrops, with mirrored Ss in step 3. There’ll be another next week. I think it will go well with Liberty. The carving was on the ceiling in one of the tomb niches on the side of the nave:

3 thoughts on “Cathedral: a tangle pattern

  1. Just found your blog through someone else mentioning you. I’ve found it difficult to leave a comment. I finally noticed the little “droplet which had a “1” in it. Decided to click on it and “whalla!” I could leave a comment. I love your art, and would like updates on some of your older “giveaways”. Are you still posting in this blog? I’m putting my email in to receive posts. Thank you, Tracy

    • Hi Tracy – yes, I’m still blogging, you have a lot to scroll through! What did you want to know about the giveaways?

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