Background Check: Day 2

BC_participantIt’s Day 2 of my online class, and we’re playing with stamps and inks to make backgrounds. In the main today was revising techniques I’ve previously come across, but always good to see them used in imaginative ways by the tutors and yank them back to the forefront of my memory! Here’s today’s highlights:

Lots of stripes, and not a stripe stamp in sight. What’s a man to do? Go find some funky foam and cut that into strips. Add a bit of removable double sided tape, and ta da, strippy stripy stamps and backgrounds 🙂

I also like the idea of working more on mid-tone cardstock. I remember in college working on a charcoal ground and getting on better – you can use light and dark shades to emphasise shape, form and, in this case, pattern. I’ve been doing some zentangling on Strathmore Toned Gray Artist’s Tiles and finding the same (more of that in another post).

12 thoughts on “Background Check: Day 2

  1. Love the post today. What stamps did you use on the diamond & floral backgrounds?

    • The diamond is from Darkroom Door background stamp, and the flower is an old old Anita’s stamp. Magenta did a similar one.

  2. Very imaginative solution to a problem. Love the flower background the best. The blue diamond is very subtle and I like the colours in the big diamonds. Look forward to tomorrow’s results.

  3. its a toss up between the flowers and the diamonds! Both are lovely.
    I am drawing a series of the same basic design in my gray Strathmore journal. So far I have used blue, green brown and orange. They all pop but I think the blue is my favorite.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. The flower card is outstanding. Love the color selection..I woud probably never put those together. Beautiful. This class has been very inspirational.

  5. I LOVE the diamond shaped background stamped card – BUT where does the floral stamp come in? How did you achieve that effect?

    • Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. As to the technique… The class is available to take over at Online Card Classes. It wouldn’t be fair for me to share part of the class. I will say though that it makes use of different ink types…

      • I took the class – KW shows using just the diamond stamp so how did the floral come to be??

        • Hi again – it’s Day 2, section two, technique 2 – in KW’s video about three minutes in… I just used a flower stamp (because I had one) instead of circles (which I didn’t have).

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