Art Journaling Page: Art for art’s sake


I was watching a film last night, and notice for the first time the motto above the roaring lion on the MGM titles: ‘ars gratia artis’ – art for art’s sake. What more apt saying could there be for an art journal page? This is part two of my bleeding tissue layouts – I stuck down the dried used up tissue strips using matte multi-medium over an acrylic paint background. I added more strips of Tim Holtz tissue wrap and tissue tape as well as some  washi tape from Ikea. Finally, the text was printed using colour laser printer onto imitation rice paper to keep the tissue paper theme. The laser print has the benefit of not moving when using wet mediums over the top, unlike inkjet printed equivalents.

One thought on “Art Journaling Page: Art for art’s sake

  1. Love this, Neil. I simply must try the tissue paper technique you’ve been mentioning. I do not have a laser printer but I spray inkjet fixative on my prints and that seems to work well. I love “art for art’s sake” as a motto and you have done a lovely page on this theme. Gorgeous colours, too.


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