Scented Tea Light Gift Card

IMG_6227_wI know there are myriad ways to make similar cards, but since I’ve been reminded that I offered to do some projects using the Eazi-Score board from Diamond Card Craft I’ve designed this version from scratch specifically for those using the board. You may remember I also made a tutorial video using their Eazi-Box score board to make multi-sided shaped boxes.

Just a quick note on the Eazi-Score board before the tutorial: it’s designed for use with A4 card stock and you can simply place your card to the guide bar and score using one of the individually named channels. It’s easy to make your Half Fold – Gate Fold – Stepper – Kinetic – Shutter – A5 – DL cards and more. For most projects, there is NO need to cut your card to fit the board as it was designed for use with A4 card. Boxes are just as easily made ( box template and instructions are included with the board) and it’s designed for left or right handed crafters. There are 5 Embossing patterns too – Heart – Diamond – Flower – Butterfly and Wavy line perfect for making your own embellishments.

How to make a tea light gift card using the Eazi-Score Board:

You will need:
Eazi-Score board
1 sheet of A4 card, 300gsm recommended.
Papers and embellishments to decorate.
Three tea light candles.

  1. To make the box the right size to fit the three tea lights, first cut the A4 sheet to 6″ wide by the full sheet height.
  2. Place the long edge butting up to the ‘kerb’/guide bar and score along the line Box 1. Repeat along the other long edge.
  3. Now butt up one short edge up to the kerb and score along the line Box 1. Fold this section under along the fold.
  4. Butt the fold to the kerb and again score along the line Box 1. Open the fold back up so the sheet is flat again.
  5. Move the card so that the second score line (the one you’ve just done) lines up with A5 Half Fold 6 and then score along the line A4 Half Fold 7.
  6. Move the card back so that the score line you’ve just done lines up with the edge of the kerb, and then score along the line Box 1.
  7. Slide the card so that the line you’ve just done lines up with A5 Half Fold 6 and then score along A4 Half Fold 7 – but only to the horizontal score line top and bottom (the ones you did first of all.
  8. The last score line is completed by lining up the other short edge (opposite all the score lines you’ve done up to now) with the line Box 2, and then score along the line A5 Half Fold 6, top to bottom.
  9. Using the following diagram, cut the tabs and box to shape, and cut out an aperture to the tea light compartment if you wish to do so. The numbers in circles refer to each step’s score lines, and the red areas need cutting away. Oh, the diagram isn’t to scale by the way and you can click on it for a bigger version.


  10. Now for the folding. Place the card with the score lines facing down, and in the same direction as in the diagram. Fold the top section down and glue down.
  11. Fold up the bottom tab along score line 3, fold in the side tabs and fold up along score line 4. Fold up score lines 5 and 6 and you should now have formed the tea light box. The tab that was originally at the bottom of the sheet can be glued down – score line 3 lines up with where score line 7 is. An aperture does make gluing down the tab a lot easier.
  12. Decorate the card as you wish. Allowing for a border all round, the matting sizes are:
    – back: 4¼”x4¼”
    – front top: 4¼”x2¾”
    – tea light box top/bottom: 4¼”x⅝”
    – tea light section front/inside back: 4¼”x1½”
    – tea light section sides: 1½”x⅝”
  13. Finally, on one side tuck in the side tabs and fold up the angled tab (between score lines 6 & 7) before gluing down the remaining tab making sure all the corners are square. Add the tea lights and repeat on the remaining side.