Art Journal Page: My Left Hand & Me

IMG_6214_wI’ve no idea why this idea popped into my head before I was fully awake this morning. Aside from, perhaps, art journaling being on my mind as I’m leading a workshop on Saturday… A quick dog walk and fitting some artificial turf helped my alertness level meet my creative muse and out came the paint and Sharpies. The background was pre-done and is a combination of distress paints. Over this I traced my hand, then painted over the rest of the page with Dylusions white paint on a make up sponge. The thin layer allows the background to show through, as well as sealing the page for the Sharpies. One of the unique selling points of the Dylusions paints is that it doesn’t clog nibs – and that is very true – the Sharpies drew perfectly with no annoying bleed or blocked nibs (a sharp contrast to, say, drawing on gesso). Further embellishment with my Signo broad white pigment gel pen and it is done.

One thought on “Art Journal Page: My Left Hand & Me

  1. This is great, Neil. I love it that you think of appreciating how useful your non-dominant hand is – not something most of us give a second thought to! It’s a great page. Lovely colours as always, and I like how the design is not divided by the centre of the open page. I am interested in that feature of Dylusions paints, which I have not looked into at all, having a good selection of regular acrylics, but I have wasted soooo many pens because they block if you write on acrylics, that it might be worth investing in another set of paints!! Thanks for the tip, and I shall definitely explore further.

    I always enjoy visiting your site, and love the variety of your work.


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