A chip off the old block

IMG_5982_wYou know me… never one to do something on a sensible scale, especially something new. Well, as normal, I’ve thrown myself into a new project and may be it’s a little bigger than it should have been for the first time I’ve picked up a chisel and mallet since I was at school.

The outhouse is being rebuilt, and our main contractor decided that a cross beam (apparently called a purlin) wasn’t needed, and it was pointless to take the timber back to the yard as the restock fee would negate the refund. So what does a mixed media artist do with a spare piece of planed lumber 7½” high and almost 16 feet long? He decides to carve it and make it into a modern day totem.

Yesterday, I managed to get the beam cut in half to 2400mm long and scorch the surface using a blow torch. Above is day one of my chipping away, learning how to hold mallet and chisel, take away just enough wood to get a bas relief without massive gouges because the chisel was upside down. A quick application of black shoe polish has helped define the scorching a little better and a quick buzz with a flap wheel sander on my Dremel and well… I’m certainly no master carpenter. I wonder if by the end of the phrase there’ll be a discernible improvement?


One thought on “A chip off the old block

  1. Oh wow Neil, I did something similar at school and loved it. Much preferred my Business Admin, Finace and technology GNVQ3 more than I ever did home economics etc lol!
    good luck with it and from what I’ve seen of all your other varied projects, I’m sure this will turn out fine. And if not, you’re an artist after all, so improvise hee hee! xx

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