Arts in Worship: Sermon Sketchnotes

I recently got hold of a copy of Mike Rohde’s ‘The Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual notetaking’. It reminded me that notes can be fun, and that linear format notes tend not to be that exciting – either in the writing or indeed the review. I’m always looking for ways to stay awake in church (it’s the sleep disorder and meds I’m on, not a side effect of the service!) and thought I’d give the principles a go. Here are four examples, in date order, from my first go at the process to yesterday’s sermon notes. I say ‘first go’ – I’ve been used to note taking, and doodling in the margins, as well as adding illustrations to mind maps over the years… this is the first time I’ve combined all of them into one method of notetaking.

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[Completed during the sermon, in a Moleskine Pocket Plain Notebook with Lamy Safari fountain pen, fine nib with Noodler’s Bulletproof black ink]


5 thoughts on “Arts in Worship: Sermon Sketchnotes

  1. I love this . . . I have to admit I often tangle during church, but this is a wonderful idea. I think this is a great representation and has alot of wisdom included that you will now be able to remember. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you for sharing, they are brilliantly informative! Be Blessed! Sunny

  3. Neil, this is a truly brilliant idea. I love the way the notes have become a complete work of art in themselves, and such inspiring content! Sorry to hear you suffer from a sleep disorder. I have M.E. and am often extremely fatigued in church and feel about to slide off my buggy onto the floor… Interesting to see Derek Tidball’s name – I came across him when he was at Mutley Baptist church in Plymouth, and I know his brother Les very well – he is a member our our church here in Torquay – both lovely men. Les always says Derek is the scholar in the family, but Les preaches an excellent sermon when our minister is away.

    Have you shown these notes to your minister, and your church? They are an inspiration, and I am sure they would bless many people!

    By the way, I love your new blog header. Brilliant! Keep up the good work. Your blog is always worth following. May God bless you.


  4. This is my first visit here. How do you have time to do This? My pastor is an excellent teacher and I try to catch everything

  5. I This last year I have begun having the drowsiness. Would love to do this but not sure I could listen to the message and write (I have super bad short term memory). Is there something to your process that you can share that would help me to do this? Thanks.

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