Pyrography – the other side

Pyrography - side 2I’ve spent much of the afternoon wiring up outdoor lighting so that it’s much easier to get to and from the studio in the dark! Of course, one job led to another, so the wisteria has had a seeing to as well…

Just before I go and introduce mixed media to my church youth group, I decided to do the other side of my beech tile (12cmx2.5cm), this time working inside. As expected, the Dremel Versatip worked much better in the warm, though somewhat annoyingly the heat rising from the tool was enough to make holding it uncomfortable after a while. I think if I’m going to get into pyrography in a big way I am going to have to invest in the proper kit! Considering the small scale I think the doodled flowers turned out acceptably.

3 thoughts on “Pyrography – the other side

  1. This is lovely! Well done you. I hope we’ll see more of this in the future. Not many people are doing pyrography, and it’s nice to see it when it does appear. Hope the wisteria has survived the “seeing to”!!


  2. Good morning Neil,
    having read your wee bit today got me thinking that maybe the answer for you is a silicon garlic rubber/tube. It is a cylindrical tube that you place garlic in it an roll it either between your hands or between hand and kitchen bunker. If you slip it on to the handle of your hot tool it could very well be your answer to long fun time, just a thought that might help.
    Crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

    • I know the things you mean – and it would be a good solution if that were the actual issue!

      Rather than the tool handle getting hot, it’s the hot air rising from the flame mechanism that’s the problem. I’d wear gloves, but I suspect they’d scorch too!

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