The Imperfectionist’s Quilt

IMG_5597_wThe overlocker/serger has been flying away over the last couple of days. Buoyed by the success of my thread catcher, I decided to attempt a quilt using only the overlocker to make. Including making up my own design, working out how to quilt as I went, and all the ironing and cutting and hand-stitched binding, it has taken 14 and a half hours. I think that’s pretty fast! Feature fabric is a Fabric Freedom Noodles Roll (FJ-1/11 Sherbets), alongside calico sashing. The finished size is 44″ x 60″ and I used the majority of the jelly roll.

And the title? Well this made up pattern/technique does not have matching corners – which is just as well, as it’s fairly tricky to line things up on the overlocker as pins and overlockers don’t get on. So I know some quilt purists who would shudder at the thought of this, but I reckon it’s turned out ok! The alternate title is the noughts and crosses quilt… and it’s Quilt No. 011.

The evolution of the quilt, Day One (2 hours):

I spent most of the time ironing each of the jelly roll strips and sorting them into colours. I also mocked up the patchwork pattern using paper and the technique I had chosen to make sure it would work out. You can see a few of the pieced pieces developing a pattern.

Day Two/Three (5.5 hours):

Decision time – now I’d joined the squares together into columns, I had the option of the more offset pattern or the lined up version which would have had better matching on the diamonds. I went for the first option. Of course, now all the strips were on the bias so things started getting a little stretchy. Quilt-as-you-go on an overlocker proved ideal as all the edges were finished and compressed, meaning much less stretch and less bulky seams.

Day Three (7 hours):
IMG_5591The majority of the day was spent quilting strips in turn around the centre pattern, again making it up as I went along, or caught a mistake as I was putting it together, then preparing and binding the edges.

It’s a great way to learn what a four thread overlock stitch can do. And can’t do!

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  1. Wow! It looks pretty perfect to me! What a beautiful quilt, and what a superb job you’ve made of it, and in double quick time too.


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