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I’ve been invited to take part in this international creative blog hop by Peg Adkins Robinson – we took Tim Holtz’s online class (Creative Chemistry 101) together at least two years ago, and have stayed in contact ever since. Peg’s blog can be found here:

This blog hop is a tour of creative blogs to so that we can meet new crafty friends, share inspiration and techniques, and generally discover new sources of creative outpouring. Peg did the same in her blog hop post last week – click here to see it.

Here’s a mini-interview to give you some background to me and my work:
1. What I am working on?

On my studio table at the moment is the aftermath of a workshop making a Tim Holtz-style wallhanging and an acrylic and bitumen room nameplate for a friend about to leave to her first year at Sheffield University, and packs of Craftwork Cards papers and accoutrements ready for this week’s crafting frenzy making samples for their Four Day Deal on Create & Craft TV next week. Also in sight is the memory/happy times jar sample ready for my workshop in January, a decorated MDF wreath and card samples for my workshops at Coleman’s Craft Warehouse (WOR4327 & WOR4328) in October.

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

This is probably something other people can tell me! I think I work in a non-fussy way, concentrating on highlighting techniques and leaving enough white space on a piece to set off the focal elements. I really don’t like loading a piece with unnecessary layers or frippery, or indeed colour, when a little can make a bold statement.

3. Why do I create what I do?

Firstly – it’s the way I (hope to) make my living! Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I believe creativity is a gift from God, and in expressing it, I am making him happy. I also get enjoyment from watching others discover their own creative gift, and if that’s during one of my classes it’s even better! I’ve also taken on creativity as a career as it offers me the most flexibility to manage my mental health (I have recurrent depression).

4. How does my creative process work?

It depends on what I am doing. If it’s work for a design team, usually the materials and stamps I am given to work with provide all the inspiration I need to create samples. For example, the Paper Kitsch Kit from Craftwork Cards screamed out pinafore dress to me and that’s what I set out to create. I just took it a little further than a die cut on a page and created a 3D folded skirt and full mannequin complete with stand – as you can see here.

For some arts in worship work I’ve done, inspiration comes from what I am listening to at the time as up to now I have created pieces as I have been sitting in the pews at church during the services. Other projects have been created in response to pieces of  music and the theme of the service the work is to be included in.

Other work is inspired by materials and their chemistry; technique  reference books; the latest craft fad to be featured on social media; what my crafty friends are playing with; commissioned work; an empty space in a room that needs a piece of artwork; things under the floorboards, e.g. 1930s newspapers from when the house was built; nature.

Now comes an admission – I’m friends with many artists and crafters, but they’re either busy with their ‘other’/’proper’ jobs, or already taken part in this blog or similar. I’ve also not had much chance to follow this up as much as I would have liked either. As they say, all good things come to an end, and so, unfortunately, does this branch of the creative blog hop. My apologies! As you explore my blog, you’ll see that where I have been inspired by something or someone, I have added links to the inspiration – follow these and see where you end up 🙂

Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog as well for updates and information, particularly as I am planning to launch a series of online classes in the near future.


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  1. Thanks Neil. I am going to post this link again. I have been all over the country since my post. My brother-in-law died and my sister-is-law was fitted with a pacemaker. I want people to see what you do. I love our work!

  2. Neil, your post is as lovely as all I have ever seen you do. I, too, was in that awesome CC101 class and the subsequent Facebook group that followed. I enjoyed a piece you made way back then, with autumn leaves and water fall – and it was a window I believe, that continued the view inward. (That was a butchered way of describing your art piece, sorry) What I was getting at, was that you and your art are incredible. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!

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