Sparkling Dainty Daisy (for Creative Expressions)

Dainty Daisy

This month, the Creative Expressions Design Team were given the choice of the new masks, and promised some of the new colours of Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Paste. Imagine my delight when I chose the Dainty Daisy mask and found Rich Plum, Periwinkle and Emerald Sparkle Texture Pastes in my goodie pack! They complement each other so well, and thus this textured, and sparkly, card was created.

You will need:
That Special Touch Mask: Dainty Daisy
Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Paste:
Rich Plum / Periwinkle / Emerald / Holly Green / Lilac Blush
Foundations A4 Card: Coconut White
Ranger Distress Ink Pad: Chipped Sapphire

You will also need a palette knife and low tack stencil tape.

Remember that this card requires drying time between colours (unless you’re particularly adept with a palette knife…), so don’t consider it a last minute make. If you are planning on making several at a time, place the stencil tape on the underside of the mask to block holes. For one off makes, sticking from the top is fine.

  1. Cut a 12.5cm diameter circle from a piece of waste card. Use this as a mask to blend the Distress Ink from the edge toward the centre to make the background.
  2. Stick down the mask to your white card using the stencil tape and the circle as a guide. It helps at the end to create a ‘hinge’ along one side of the mask so thatitcan be lifted cleanly once the paste has been applied.
  3. Using the stencil tape, block off edges and holes around the area you are pasting so that there is no accidental overspread.
  4. Apply a dab of the sparkle texture paste through the stencil, pressing it into the hole and then smoothing across in one direction to level off with the mask. Any uneven areas can have the paste reapplied and resmoothed.
  5. Once the paste has been applied, remove any tape overlapping the mask onto the card except for the hinge piece.
  6. Lift the mask from the edge opposite the hinge, and you will find it lifts cleanly. Peel away the hinge and immediately wash any paste off the mask using clean cold water.
  7. Any overspread of the paste can be scraped away with a clean knife or wiped off with a dry piece of kitchen paper.
  8. Allow to dry thoroughly before repeating the process with the next colour. Try not to be tempted to test dryness with your finger – I found if the paste was at all wet still, it would adhere to my finger and lift from the page, requiring patching after!
  9. Once all the colours are dry, cut out around the image leaving a border the thickness of the mask borders. Mount onto an 8×8″ card using foam pads, and add peel off sentiments to the edge to complete.


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  1. WAUW this is soo beautiful, and I really like, how this turned out, so there´s definitely some more to add to my never ending wishlist here now he he.

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