Studio Dog has Pups!

It’s not often that I post personal stuff on what is really my business blog. But who can resist pics of puppies? Esther, my cockerpoo and honorary crafter, gave birth to four pups last night, with the first at 21:30, and the last as a bit of a late surprise at 00:35. She’ll be spending the next few weeks in the studio with me, pups and all – got to start them young 🙂

Cue the ooo and ahhhing 😉

Esther and pups

7 thoughts on “Studio Dog has Pups!

  1. Oooooh they´re just tooo darned cute, and I totally agree, who can resist such little cuties here, I sure can not he he he. Thanks sooo much for sharing them and have a very Happy Easter to both you and the pups as well.

  2. Congratulations! Would love to see more puppy photos! Give them all a kiss for me.

  3. Just so Beautiful we have two Cocker Spaniels (Archie and Charlie) who spend there time with me while I’m crafting, they sit on my chair and watch over my shoulder! I know you don’t usually put personal items on your Blog but it would be wonderful to see them from time to time as they grow up.
    Hugs from Sam x

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