Shadowpainting with Distress Reinkers

I’ve liked shadowpainting for some time now, but never seem to use the latex-based masking fluid before it all gunges up in the bottle. It helpfully says on the label to dilute with ammonia to get it liquid again… but I just don’t seem to have that lying around!

Meanwhile, I’ve used WOW! Bright White embossing powder on watercolour paper to do much the same thing – it’s a lot quicker as well using a stamp rather than tracing patterns with latex gunk and waiting for that to set. I’ve used Distress Inks (from reinkers) to colour each of the images. I’ll be teaching the technique at the Manic Stamper Craft Club in Leicester on Saturday ­čÖé



2 thoughts on “Shadowpainting with Distress Reinkers

  1. these are beautiful, i wish i lived near enough to take some of your classes. i really wanted to comment that i love your topper! those elements are very interesting. i just keep looking at them and studying them. ­čÖé

  2. Neil, these are gorgeous… I love the bright, vibrant colours, and the contrast with the white embossing powder. Your backgrounds are beautiful, too. I agree that masking fluid is an absolute pain – it’s really hard to get it to work neatly. I have found with embossing powder that once the work is finished, if you just want a clean white line and no embossing, you can iron it off onto another piece of paper (which you can also use). I have found this works really well. It’s much easier to control, and you can stamp with it as well as applying it to a glue pen line. You have reminded me of a fun technique that I haven’t used for ages.


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