LRI – tangle pattern



I’ve finally sat down to draw some new tangle patterns 🙂

This is LRI, based on iron railings around the Leicester Royal Infirmary next to Welford Road. It’s amazing how many patterns there are to be quickly snapped with a camera phone and broken down in to step by step instructions:



On Saturday I’ll publish my 100th tangle pattern – inspired by a wood panel in Liberty, Regent Street.

3 thoughts on “LRI – tangle pattern

  1. Great pattern Neil and Happy New Year to you. Have you finished your course or do you have another year? What are you aiming to do after that?

    • Happy New Year to you too Lizzie. I have another two terms to go on the course, and will be planning to go freelance after that. Have a look at the Studio link for more details of my plans 🙂

  2. This is a lovely pattern Neil. May I take the liberty of suggesting another name for it? How about “Lyric”? The pattern seems gently musical and the word incorporates the letters you’ve given it. (Initials seem so hard-edge to me!)

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