College – Textiles – Term 4 – Final Project

The choice of final project in textiles was to either design and make three tea towels, an apron or a Cornell-style fine art box. I followed my ceramics theme and chose the box, and thus embarked on a project to include every technique I could think of to transfer my patterns from my sketchbook to my ‘panoply of patterns’. Here’s the completed box, complete with my display sheets displaying its contents:



Lots of techniques in here, from free hand drawing with a fabric gel pen, to free motion machine stitching, backstitch hand embroidery, iron on transfers, applique, fabric paint and quilting to name but a few…

4 thoughts on “College – Textiles – Term 4 – Final Project

  1. I love your amazing box of delights, I wish I could see it in real life to get the full effect of the textures and patterns you have created.

  2. Love it! Do you have other pics? You certainly picked the most beautiful but challenging of options. Did you make the box as well? How did you go? Kind regards, Tracy.

    • Hi Tracy – these are the main pics I have, was there anything you wanted to see more closely? I purchased the box, but had to paint it and customise it for the hangers. And I got a distinction – apparently the box toured the college staff room too!

      • Well done on the distinction and for the project going on a tour! Bet you are proud. It is hard to see everything in detail but if you have no close ups that’s fine.

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