College Term 4 – Ceramics – Week 4

Yes, I know, there’s a week or so missing from the ceramics thread – I’m waiting on some of the things I’ve been making to get fired in the kiln so you can see the before and after. This week, amongst other things, we were invited to play and experiment with extruded clay. Here’s my (unfired) tile with my experimentations:

From top, all extruded shapes:
1) Twisted trefoil
2) Square, alternating full and half-slices
3) Square, pierced and cut
4) Trefoil, pinched and dented
5) Trefoil, sliced and indented
6) Trefoil, pinched and dented
7) Square, irregular slice, end on
8) D-profile, coiled
9) D-profile, plaited
10) D-profile, stamped with biro lid and nib
11) D-profile, pressed with curved edge of serrated kidney tool.

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    • Pretty much so! I’m hoping to combine tangling and clay in some way over the coming months as I work on my final major projects šŸ™‚

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