Life Drawing – Exhibition Pieces

As promised in a previous post, here are two more pieces that I exhibited at my end of year show last week. These are life drawings of the same model – the first is my first attempt at using oil paints with a palette knife and was completed in around an hour (we had to work really quickly!). I was trying to emulate the style of David Bomberg.


The second was a two week pose, with around 2.5 hours drawing time – the first week I drew the outline and shaded with the colour soft pastels before sealing it with spray fixative. The second week I worked on developing the shading with charcoal and spray fixative only, rubbing back with sandpaper and layering and layering to get the darkest tones. I’d chosen Jim Dine as my influencing artist for this term’s work, and tried to emulate his way of working in this piece.

Many thanks to our model for her patience, and for her permission to share my drawings of her.

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