Sassanian – tangle pattern

This pattern is from a Persian repoussé motif on a bronze ewer from the Sassanian period (224BC to 651AD). I think it also has fabulous art nouveau qualities and would fit well with Jugenstil and Wellenstil patterns.

Tomorrow – and you thought it was all over? Well, it turns out I had notes for 15 patterns, so dear tanglers, you have a bonus pattern: ‘Persian Flower Knot’. Make sure you have your glasses on, your tongue ready to stick out slightly and your headache pills ready as it’s a bit of a toughie!

4 thoughts on “Sassanian – tangle pattern

  1. this is beautiful but seems like a hard one. love to look at the
    intricate ones!

  2. This one is beautiful! (Like all the rest!!) Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent.

    Bev in Utah

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