Persian Diamonds – tangle pattern

Another pattern adapted from 10th century Persian stucco borders. I think it would look great with the ‘lines’ coloured in as well (the inverse of the shaded sample). Careful shading would also make the outlines pop off the page… Hmmm, must have a go at all of those!

Tomorrow, 13 of 14: ‘Per-de-lys’.


4 thoughts on “Persian Diamonds – tangle pattern

  1. Thanks again, Neil! You have totally outdone yourself! Looking forward to the last 2. . .

  2. I love how you break these patterns down. Like untying a big messed up knot of string. Thanks. You are the best!!

  3. Thanks Neil, this one is a beauty! We appreciate the breakdown from Persia! I hope to see this in some of your work soon!

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