Persian Lattice – tangle pattern

 Well here’s a fabulous pattern! It’s all about the negative space as well as the drawn areas, and if you get it right, it looks like a 3D shaded lattice. It’s based on a Persian stucco design from 13th or 14th century. A different take on ‘Cubine’.

And tomorrow, 3 of 14: ‘Susa’.

2 thoughts on “Persian Lattice – tangle pattern

  1. Hi Neil, thanks for posting your tangle patterns which I discovered recently and have been exploring. I love this one but had difficulty in getting the pattern even. Then I took your comment about the negative space one step further and drew myself a double line diamond grid In pencil, filled in the top half of each diamond and then dropped down the shadow part by drawing from halfway across to halfway down the right hand side, filling in and bingo, beautifully even lattice. The pencil lines can then be rubbed out but quite honestly, if you make them faint they don’t show much. Love this pattern, off to explore some more, thanks so much for sharing.
    Kind regards

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