Art Journal Page – Peterborough Beer Festival 2011

It’s a wonder, but this is a journal record of five and a half hours done live at Peterborough Beer Festival. Just as well I was having just half pints! The title was drawn whilst on the train from Leicester, and the rest was created as I was drinking the beer in question. And the best beer of the day? The Fuller’s Brewer’s Reserve No.3 – exceptional combination of malt flavours from the beer and the scotch barrels it was aged in. Very very nice, but at £7.50 a bottle or £90 for a case, I don’t think I’ll be having another any time soon 🙁


2 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Peterborough Beer Festival 2011

  1. Neil This is wonderful!! Love the font you used for Peterborough Beer fest; So clever, Shame you don’t do any work shop’s in Coventry If you do ever Please let me know Diane

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