Unique Giveaway #2 – spoiler alert ;)

Dear readers,

I’m about to reach 25,000 views of my blog

In honour of the phenomenal hit rate to my blog, I’m creating another unique zentangle-inspired artwork to give away. In less than six months since I started, I’m about to reach 25,000 views of my blog, with a current record of 624 views in a single day! Now in the grand scheme of things that’s not a lot of hits compared to say, Google, but it’s exciting to me!

So… the spoiler alert? I’m going to create my biggest tangle to date, incorporating all of my tangle patterns – and then I’m going to give it away. Watch out for the pictures, and I’ll launch the give away proper when the blog counter reaches 25,000 🙂

And hopefully by then I’ll have got the hang of actually handing on the give away!

4 thoughts on “Unique Giveaway #2 – spoiler alert ;)

  1. Congratulations on having reached such a huge number of hits. It’s no wonder really why soooooo many people love to visit you to see your great blog and lovely creations.

  2. Congratulations! I’m not surprised though, your tangle patterns are awesome and I look forward to getting updates in my inbox from you!! Thank You!!

  3. Congratulations! If I click on the blog 50 times a day, can I win? 🙂

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