Unique Giveaway #1 – the prize pics

Dear readers – as promised, here are teaser pics of my subscriber draw prize book in recognition of 10,000 views of my blog 🙂

The cover is hand-tangled with my own designs [it’s taken ages!] and will be personalised with the initial letter of the winner’s choosing before being sealed with a gloss varnish finish. It’s a hand-crafted book [which took ages too!], with hard cover and sewn and glued spine.

Inside are colour copies of all my tangle patterns from January to June 2011, and the eight tags will contain hand-drawn tangles, with tips on shading and may be even a unique and unpublished, exclusive tangle pattern.

Remember, to be entered in the draw, subscribe to my blog using the ‘Sign me up!’ button in the side bar on my blog home page by midnight on 30th June 2011. Subscribing to comments or any other page will not enter you into the draw. The winner will be drawn at random from my subscriber list and I’ll contact you by email if you are that lucky person. Good luck 🙂

22 thoughts on “Unique Giveaway #1 – the prize pics

  1. I have just recently signed up to get your blog and I must say first – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Thats a great success!! Second I wanted to tell you your tangle patterns are terrific!! I just started tangling in December and I love learning new patterns. You do a great job of explaining them which helps for someone thats relatively new. Anyway just wanted to say hey and keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Just found your blog today after a search for tangle patterns. I’ve signed up for email updates. Your work is amazing and the handcrafted book you are giving away as a prize is just amazing. It is a piece of art in and of itself. I only discovered the world of zentangles, zendalas and tangles this week. I am blown away by the gorgeous art work that is being produced by such a seemingly simple method. I look forward to learning as much as I can and of course practicing.

  3. Neil, this is absolutely stunning! If I had the talent and skill to create something this beautiful I don’t think I could give it away. How incredibly generous of you. That being said….oh how I hope I win! 🙂

  4. Thank you all for your compliments – and particularly your excitement, which is quite infectious! It’s great to have so many affirming good wishes 🙂

    • Hi there – thanks for your comments – did you subscribe in the right place as you’re not on my main list? To subscribe to my main list and be in chance of the prize, please make sure you are on my home page and then click on the ‘Sign me up!’ button in the top right hand corner.

  5. For those of you following the unique giveaway prize draw, the winner did not reply after 10 days, so I have done another draw and subscriber No.38 has been contacted today (11-07-11) by email announcing their win. Fingers crossed!

  6. So have you got a publisher for this yet? Because I want to buy one.

    • Hi – this was never to be published as a book, it was a unique prize giveaway. Perhaps if there was enough interest in a book of my patterns I would give it some thought, but up to now they are all free on my blog. I do have a piece included in a book due for publication in September – more on that when I know!

      • Oh, there’s interest! Have you been on Pinterest lately? Your stuff is up there and being pinned. You’ve got a good niche with the geometric patterns, and you provide a nice mix of easy to more complex. We like free on your blog. But I’m guessing there are other people like me who would like the leisure of hard copy we can look at while we slowly doodle our way to your level. Plus, it would make a great gift!

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