CB5 – tangle pattern

Day Five: the Revenge of the Reincarnated Returning Curly Braces. Yes, they’re back. Not content with the franchise reaching four patterns, the curly brackets have done it again bringing the world a fifth outing. They snuck into a doodle that started out in a completely different way, but then was gruesomely taken over by the curly braces barging their way into my consciousness… Invidious things, curly brackets. Beware šŸ˜‰

Tomorrow’s penultimate daily dose of tangle goodness: ‘Nave’.

3 thoughts on “CB5 – tangle pattern

  1. Hello Neil,

    I have just found your fab blog via Tangle Harmony and have been peeking at your recent posts which were mentioned on Tangle Harmony’s round up for this week. I’ve recently found, and love Tangling. Your CBS with curly brackets look lovely, they remind me of a tangle, by Sandy Steen in her book Totally Tangled, called Buttercup. The finished designs looks similar but the step by steps are completely different. I’m heding back to look at more of your tangles now. Thank you for sharing your creations.
    Best wishes,

  2. this one is really pretty! it sort of reminds me of buttercup – but it has its own unique style šŸ™‚

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